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What with Wikileaks and its numerous mirrors, does decentralised (p2p) web hosting exist?

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Gudjon Mar GudjonssonGudjon Mar Gudjonsson, CEO and founder of OZ,
Check out the development with Coral Content Distribution Network and the other forms of P2P web hosting or non-centralized infrastructure. 

This link has another instance of this page:
Then there is the need to innovate in terms of P2P DNS management.

I think there is a lot of new interesting development within the grassroot. Some is driven by the Wikileaks needs, other from Pirate Bay and some from plain vanilla visioneries and dreamers. Personally, I think the latest development by both Wikileaks and Pirate Bay are interesting drivers of new needs of a non-centralized web infrastructure.
Wayne ScottWayne Scott, Programmer, processor designer, revis... (more)
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Freenet already provides this.   Of course completely anonymous hosting has other issues...
If you are using static pages, P2P hosting would be easy to set up and get working, via whatever protocol. You can imagine that easily with bittorrent. The hard part is the DNS and that's why you find the ip address in Google for Wikileaks now. The DNS issue is not so hard to solve imho, however everyone (registars, hosting providers etc) needs to use the new system which cannot depend on root servers but need to be fully distributed without a weakest link. Currently there are 13 root servers; in a distributed DNS system you would have that information, redundantly, spread out over 100s of thousands of servers.

So it half exists, but needs a solid naming solution.
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